Episode 26

Published on:

29th Oct 2020

26: Track & Trace: Spreadsheet Happens

First up in today's episode: 16,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases mysteriously go missing from an Excel spreadsheet as part of the UK's 'track & trace' system. We don't like to speculate, but it looks like someone might have been using a legacy version of Excel... But Kev tries hard to stay upbeat about it all.

Experienced fraudsters have made off with $15m from an American company after gaining access to email conversations about a commercial conversation with "surgical precision". Kev talks us through what a 'man in the email' attack – which is what this was – entails and how to mitigate it (spoiler alert: JUST USE 2FA!).

Next, Cisco got hit with a $1.9billion judgement in a security patent lawsuit and the team struggles to pronounce 'Centripetal'. Said impossible-to-pronounce company raised the complaint against Cisco for infringing on four security patents related to encrypted traffic and packet filtering technology them. Of course, Paul is thrilled (we all know his feelings on Webex – and if you don't, you're about to...).

And in this week's 'Hackers could...', we have an absolutely ridiculous (*ahem*) story about hackers locking users into a product called Cellmate – which is a male chastity gadget. Cue much giggling...


Excel-ent security:


Man in the email:


Cisco's expensive week:




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