Episode 41

Published on:

6th Jul 2021

41: Cyber Wars: Revenge of the Printers

There’s a lot to cover in this week’s episode, so brace yourself because we’ve got newsflashes and stone-cold facts flying your way. 

First up, despite what Chris thinks, people do still use printers. Now, researchers in China have found (and accidentally disclosed) a critical Windows zero-day affecting Print Spooler. Cue much printer hate, as well as some actually useful insights into what has occurred. 

Next on the agenda, we take a look at the HSE Ireland ransomware attack, with a special focus on what the heck has been going on with Virus Total. Also coming up is the somewhat intriguing “fact” that the USA is the most cyber-secure nation in the world

And it wouldn’t be an episode of Cyber Humanity without a juicy ‘hackers could’ feature starting with a NEWSFLASH! Homes filled with smart devices could be exposed to hundreds of hacking attempts a WEEK. To which we say: no sh*t, Sherlock.






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