Episode 18

Published on:

2nd Sep 2020

18: Who Watches The Watchmen?

If you notice the team being a little bit more careful with their words than usual, it's because the topic of this episode is...a SANSitive one.

We'll leave it like that, shall we?

We also chat about the NCC/CREST/GitHub debacle, which sparks debate over how valuable certifications are when they can be played with 'leaked' step-by-step guides. Is there any real-world value in simply learning how to pass an exam? Does a certification truly indicate aptitude?

The topic turns next to facial recognition in law enforcement, following the news that Liberty won the first international case banning the use of facial recognition technology for policing. It's a serious debate – that gets a bit dystopian at times – and we take a look at it from every angle.


SANS data breach:




Liberty wins facial recognition technology case:


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