Episode 19

Published on:

16th Sep 2020

19: Virus Vaccines and Secret Squirrels

We have a vaccine! No, not that one. The Emotet vaccine has been quietly doing the rounds over the last few months. Kev gives a nice overview of malware vaccines and how this particular one works.

We also chat about circles of trust, old boys’ networks and secret handshakes, and the part they pay in intelligence sharing and international collaboration on cybersecurity. Who decides who’s inside the circle? 

Next up, the secret service has been buying location data. This in itself isn’t new; however, they’re now getting around getting warrants by buying location data off private companies. Sure, it’s publicly available – but should governments and law enforcement be buying it when they should be held to a higher standard? Of course the ex gov type believes that governments couldn’t possibly break the law (listen carefully – this might be the only time Chris has ever been shocked to silence), so isn’t it in safe hands? 

And finally, could hackers hack your car?! Hack your kettle?! Listen to your keys?! GASP! More to the point: why would they want to? If you’re looking for some light entertainment, these articles are well worth a read.

Emotet Vaccine:


Australia's new cybersecurity strategy:


Secret Service buys location data that would otherwise need a warrant:


Hackers could hijack lane keeping systems to control your car:


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